• Bingo Radio 2.0 – continued…

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    The computers are built from scratch into 4U rack cases. The two streaming computers have M-Audio sound cards installed (Delta 44 & Audiophile) while the Myriad playout machine has a dual VGA Matrox card to drive two monitors and a Delta 10/10 audio card. All machines have silent (or v quiet) CPU fans and PSUs.

    Here’s the studio assembled but without sides/surround, so it’s still a bit wobbly with laminate that refuses to stick, not to mention the acoustic tiles that keep falling off…

    Looking better now with the sides/surround assembled, making the whole thing much more sturdy.

    Now it’s starting to look much more like originally envisaged/intented (in spite of the ongoing wiring woes…)

    There’s not much more to do now – both streaming PCs are set up and running tests (you should be able to hear one on this page). All audio sources still need calibrating, Myriad is up and running with dummy playlists but songs need coding/topping and tailing… and there are some cosmetic things to finish off… it’s been a long journey but it will be worth the wait!


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