• Bingo Radio 2.0 – Work In Progress!

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    Here’s the new Bingo Radio studio taking shape – it’s been more than two months work since ordering the woodwork and equipment, but more than six months in the planning, from initial concept to audio emerging from the desk!

    Once the woodwork arrived, it was a case of fitting everything together – no mean feat, so here you’ll see the construction turned upside down:

    The two rack units were put together first then added to the top desking. It was necessary to turn things upside down to secure bolts, batons, etc.

    Here’s the finished result the right way up:

    In the above photo, I’ve positioned some of the equipment into vaguely the right place, just to check dimensions. You’ll see the left and right desk sides have been laminated, with the main desk area still to be worked on… First thing to do is create the hole for the mixer to sink into, so jigsaw at the ready!

    A few careful leg repositionings later and after much drilling and sawing, we finally have a hole! So now it’s a case of positioning the mixer in its surround to check it’s going to fit securely:

    Here it is – the main mixing desk with source switcher above, this is essential to run “split” programmes, with general output shared between stations but with the flexibility of playing split events as necessary.

    Time to start populating the racks – in here there’s the M-Audio Delta 10/10 card at the top, DBX 286A mic processor below, Sonifex TBU telephone balance unit, matrix switcher (to give the desk more flexibility) and a compressor/limiter at the bottom to even the output before final processor/multi-band chain. Myriad playout computer (4U rack) goes at the bottom.

    Here’s Jay helping out with the wiring headache/nightmare. And he’s got his work cut out…

    Obviously, the back of the racks need a bit work work!

    Meanwhile I’m working on putting the computers together – Myriad playout, two streaming machines, built from scratch into 4U rack cases…

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